Styrofoam molding for filling soles, foundations. It is used in these supports to give anti-seismic properties to buildings, thermal and acoustic insulation, etc.

  1. Suitable for building floors and terraces of palaces or multi-storey houses that do not want to add weight.
  2. Recommended for thermal and acoustic insulation
  3. Highly fire resistant and long lasting
  4. Insulating substrate for tiles and flooring
  5. High resistance to printing

Definition: Polystyrene granule

Color: White color

Packaging: Polyethylene

Internship: 28 days

Measuring unit: kg / m3

Reference standard: EN 13163

Grain Content: Pentane Gas

Panel dimensions: 1000mm * 500mm

Compression resistance: 1000 kPa

Permissible Compression Load (2% Compression): 20kPa (2t / m2)

Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ): 0.076 W / mK

Fire reaction: Self-propelled


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