About Us

Company’s History

Dekoll LLC is a company whose activity consists in the production of building materials such as: Tile adhesives, joints filling, thermal insulation, waterproofing, decorative coatings, mortars, paints etc. Termax LLC aims to become the leading company in production of polystyrene materials in the Albanian market, meeting the needs of its customers and partners with a wide range of quality products. Termax also aims to expand into international markets by exporting Made in Albania products with European standards. For us the main policy is to respect the environment.


Termax’s values

Seriousness/ Resistance

Made in Albania with European standard.

Durability/ Guarantee

The seriousness of our work is assessed by the way we work and the products we own.

Quality/ Convenience

The latest products, the most modern technology makes us an innovation in the market.

Technology/ Reliability

Excellent thermal insulation, proven acoustic insulation, longevity, financial interest and multiple utilization are unquestionable features in our company.

Security/ Automation

Respecting the environment and minimizing the negative impacts coming from outside is our core mission and vision.

Vision/ Coherence

Efficient insulation against heat and fluctuating temperatures delivers comfortable environments.