EPS F120

  1. Stability in shape during fluctuations


  1. Homogeneous density
  2. Hydrophobic properties
  3. Acoustic insulators
  4. High resistance to printing
  5. Very low thermal conductivity

Designation: EPS Thermal Insulation Panel

Color: White

Packaging: Polyethylene

Internship: 28 days

Unit of measurement: m3

Reference standard: EN 13163

Grain Content: Pentane Gas

Panel dimensions: 1000mm * 500mm

Slab surface: 0.5 m2

Compression resistance (10% compression): min. 120 kPa (12t / m2)

Permissible Compression Load (2% Compression): 20kPa (2t / m2)

Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ): 0.035 W / mK

Fire reaction: Self-propelled


Thermal insulation material for the construction of thermal insulation systems of facades, between walls, soles etc.


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