EPS F100

Thermal insulation material for the construction of thermal insulation systems of the facades, between walls, soles etc.

  1. Stability in shape during atmospheric fluctuations
  2. Homogeneous density
  3. Hydrophobic properties
  4. Acoustic insulators

Designation: EPS Thermal Insulation Panel

Color: White

Packaging: Polyethylene

Internship: 28 days

Unit of measurement: m3

Reference standard: EN 13163

Grain Content: Pentane Gas

Panel dimensions: 1000mm * 500mm

Slab surface: 0.5 m2

Compression resistance (10% compression): min. 100 kPa (10t / m2)

Permissible Compression Load (2% Compression): 20kPa (2t / m2)

Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ): 0.036 W / mK

Fire reaction: Self-propelled


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